Beaconsfied Ashram & Yoga Centre

Sunday 01 Sep 2013

The past couple of months have seen the coming together of proposals for improvements at the commonly known Beaconsfield Yoga Centre. It is formerly known as the Sivananda Ashram. The Centre’s community are looking to fix some of the larger maintenance issues including asbestos removal and bring the building more in line with the latest Disabled Access Laws. They have engaged Sheppard Building Design to design and document their requirements.Yoga Hall


The job will be very costly so we are looking for help from the Lotteries Commission. We have met with their representatives and they have indicated that they may be able to help with areas where there is community outreach and because the building is listed with Fremantle Council as having heritage interest; Lotteries may be able to help in this area as well.

Front Perspective View 

The Yoga hall will receive a new disabled ramp up to the front door and a glass weather screen that will protect the entry. The Ashram itself will have both of its kitchens renovated to bring them up to date. We will also make them flow and work in a better way and there will also be a suite of disabled facilities including a new laundry. There will be work done on a couple of areas of rising damp and the leaking windows on the west verandah will be replaced. The older bathrooms will be renovated and most importantly all of the asbestos cladding will be removed and replaced with plaster board. Where required some of these areas will be reworked. There will be a new stairs to replace the existing head banger and an internal ramp to allow disabled access into most of ground floor area around the new stair area. The roof and electrics will also get a makeover.