CAUGWA Seminar 2015

Monday 25 May 2015


On the 20th of May 2015, the Chief Architect User Group (CAUGWA) met for its latest Seminar. The latest version (Version X7) of Chief Architect came out in March and this was an occasion for our group to meet, discuss and learn what this latest incarnation of our program has to offer. The program has roared into the stratosphere with regards to what it can do. The program now has its own internal ray tracing suite allowing quick easy presentation images.

The Ray Tracing and presentation of images are second to none.

The basic CAD utilities and general program features are also very good.  The program brings in and models terrain in a very satisfactory way. The use of library items is huge and we can now bring in 3rd party items easily. Creation of symbols and library items is easy, and dressing then getting a job onto paper in both 3D and 2D formats could not be easier.


Wonderful Lunch

The CAD aspects of the program are also good. So creating working drawings is fun and simple and facilitated with a great layer set system and annotation sets to make detailing and scale management simple. Roofs and walls, whether they are curved and complicated or simple and straight forward are mainly automatic but backed up with great manually operated tools.  



Twenty one people from Perth and country Western Australia signed up for the day. We hired a room from the Scarborough Leisure Centre and had a great day looking at the ins and outs of the new program. One of the highlights of the day was the invitation we extended to six of our group to give us an idea of their work and show the images they use in presenting work to their clients.  It was so… good.


We have some extremely talented members in our group. Photo realistic images and some of the best design you would ever hope to see.